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US Nano brings you a breakthrough technology
-printed nanowire layers for high surface area applications, including sensors.


We live in a semiconductor world – at any given time we are surrounded by dozens of devices that use semiconductor technology to operate. Conventional electronics  is one of the wonders of the modern world.

While still young, printed electronics holds an enormous potential for changing many markets, from OLED displays and lighting, to thin film photovoltaics to flexible sensors and more. Features such as unconventional forms and ease of production provide important advantages for printed electronics which cannot be accomplished with conventional semiconductor technology.

US Nano’s semiconductor nanowires are the next advance in printed electronics. Our solution based nanowires allow easy integration of semiconductors into printed circuits.

Our expertise in synthesis of nanomaterials-based inks and inkjet printed electronic devices enables the production of any type of device- high surface area chemical or bio- sensors, photovoltaics, infrared cameras and more!  Explore our site to learn more about our groundbreaking technology.